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Meet the Team at Pathfinder Chiropractic

DeniseDenise – Chiropractic Assistant

Denise is a native of Colorado. She was born in Colorado Springs and raised in Glenwood Springs, CO where she graduated from high school. She attended Benedictine College in Atchison, KS earning a double Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and Sociology (emphasis in Criminal Justice). Upon returning to Colorado, she began her 30-year career with the State of Colorado, working as a probation officer. Denise retired from her career job in 2013 but has continued to work with others in different fields such as, office manager, substitute teacher as well as fundraising for numerous sports and catholic activities. Denise married her soul mate, Russ, in 1995 and three wonderful children were conceived to this union. They are currently attending college and graduate school.

Denise has been seeing chiropractors off and on since she was 16 because of sports injuries and scoliosis. The typical snap, crackle and pop of chiropractic worked to a degree, but never kept the pain and issues at bay for long. She met Dr Haley and Dr. Garret Roop in New Mexico at an event and thought what the heck, let’s give them a try with our family. Never before, had her family been involved with a Neurologically based chiropractic office. Their children started seeing the Dr’s and it was working. They felt better, and the results were lasting. Once Denise was able to start care with Pathfinder Chiropractic, she felt and noticed positive changes. The pain in her shoulders, neck and lower back were not bothering her as often or as sharply. She realized one day that there was no pain and she had been feeling great for some time. Denise believes in the quality and the genuine care provided by Pathfinder Chiropractic team. After a year with the office, she decided to join their “in office family”. Denise’ husband is currently under care as well and is very pleased with the results he has been seeing and feeling.


ChanelleChanelle – Office Manager

Chanelle was born and raised in Brush Colorado. Go Beetdiggers! She went to undergrad in Grand Junction for psychology. After, she spent seven years working in the mental health world. Not wanting to leave the world of healthcare, she became a medical assistant at an orthopedics office. When a living opportunity presented itself here in lovely Durango, Chanelle came to check the area out. Here she met Doctors Haley and Garett Roop.

“I’m so glad I met two Doctors that want to serve their community in a very proactive way! I knew it was meant to be.”

When Chanelle started working at Pathfinder Chiropractic, she was experiencing gallbladder pain. Every test came back saying her gallbladder was functioning normally, but the pain was preventing her from eating many foods and she was being told to meet with a surgeon. Her knees were also giving out most times she went down stairs. After receiving Neurologically based Chiropractic Care, she now can eat anything without pain and can walk down stairs without fear of a knee giving out!


MackenzieMackenzie – Outreach Coordinator

Mackenzie is a health educator and advocate with a huge passion to help others see the importance of wellness and self-love. Local to Durango, Mackenzie enjoys giving back and connecting with the Durango community. Chiropractic has been life changing for her and her family. She is honored to be the Marketing Coordinator for Pathfinder and help share the incredible healing benefits of Chiropractic with others!



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