Cayson is a very energetic 6-year-old boy who loves helping on the ranch, building legos, spending time with his little sister, and playing baseball. His family is trying to keep his life as normal as possible since he was diagnosed with a brain tumor in February of 2022. A biopsy revealed it is a pilocytic astrocytoma tumor and due to the location, the Doctors recommended treatment with chemotherapy instead of surgery. Cayson has a port and is receiving Chemo in Durango while traveling to Denver and Colorado Springs for follow up appointments. Pathfinder Chiropractic currently provides and will continue to provide Chiropractic Care to Cayson. This helps with his headaches and side effects from his cancer treatments as well as keeping his nervous system very strong and adaptable. In September 2022, Pathfinder hosted their annual Wines & Spines Event raising over $14,000 for Cayson! This money helped his family pay for the cost of travel and medical bills. Not only did Pathfinder raise money, but they also raised Cayson's spirit when he was able to throw an entire whipped cream pie in Dr. Haley's face! Pathfinder continues to host Wines and Spines every year for a different child or non-profit.

Wines & Spines Charity Event:

Thanks to our Wines & Spines sponsors and attendees, the Pathfinder Team was able to donate over $3,100 to the Women’s Resource Center! The Women’s Resource Center in Durango, Colorado, advocates for the personal empowerment and economic self-sufficiency of women and families in La Plata County.

Free Lunch and Learns

As part of our community outreach program, our goal is to give back to the community. One of the ways we accomplish this is by catering a free lunch to local businesses and their staff. As part of the outreach program we also provide a 10-15 minute talk about how to decrease sick days and increase productivity in the workplace. Employers have reported better performing workers, lower absenteeism, increased feelings of wellbeing and job satisfaction, along with higher retention rates.
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Health and Stress Assessments in the Workplace

We also offer short, personalized stress and health assessments to members of a workplace. After a brief stress evaluation survey and discussion, the doctors will assess the stress level of each person and how it may be contributing to physical ailments or symptoms.

Community Involvement

Pathfinder Chiropractic is extremely active in the Durango and surrounding areas with many fundraising and charitable events.

Undie 500 for the Durango Family Center

The Pathfinder team was honored to deliver 2,628 diapers, 113 wipes, 21 pieces of clothing, 26 pairs of socks, and 81 pairs of underwear to families in need at the La Plata Family Centers Coalition!
Family Center

Project Merry Christmas

Every Christmas we collect donations for families and elderly. We also have an angel tree where people can buy specific items for people in need.
Project Merry Christmas

Festival of Trees

The Pathfinder team decorated a Dr. Seuss tree for the Festival of trees this year. This is an annual holiday fundraiser put on by Community Connections that has benefited people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in our area since 2004.
Festival Of Trees

School Supply Drive

An annual drive to collect school supplies and donate them to surrounding schools and the Durango Family Center.
School supply drive

Wines and Spines

One of our most popular summer events! This is a dinner sponsored by Pathfinder Chiropractic to benefit the Durango Education Foundation. Last year we raised over $1,300 and had over 80 guests attend!
wines and spines

Annie’s Orphans

We are an office full of animal lovers! We collected toys and healthy dog food for a local animal shelter.
Annies Orphans

Food Drive

Our incredible practice members and community partners helped us donate over 1,400 meals for families in need at the Durango Food Bank!

Food Drive
food drive

Active Durango Chamber of Commerce

Pathfinder Chiropractic is an active member of the Durango Chamber of Commerce, and our doctors were awarded ‘Best Chiropractors’ in 2019