Dr. Garett and Dr. Haley Roop moved to Durango, CO in 2017 from Manhattan, KS. They searched for three years to find a place that had a strong community filled with local businesses and a place where they could enjoy the outdoors.

Relocating to Colorado

Before moving, Dr. Garett had a practice in Manhattan, KS serving families, Kansas State University Athletics, as well as professional athletes. When they decided to make the move, the goal was to be in a place where they could serve many people and make a lasting health impact in the community as a whole. For this reason, they have chosen to open their office a touch south of downtown Durango. This allows for an easier commute for those that live in neighboring towns and cities.

Office Tour

Our Vision

“To educate our community on health, wellness, and the benefits of Neurologically Based Chiropractic Care; to inspire one to take ownership of their overall health and improve their quality of life.” – The Pathfinder Team

Focusing on Families

The primary focus of care at Pathfinder Chiropractic is serving families ranging from infants to great-great grandparents. Healthy kids become healthy adults and Drs. Garett and Haley are very passionate in making sure every infant and child has the most promising start to life that they can. Pathfinder Chiropractic’s hope for all patients is that they find their path to health. Everyone’s path and trail looks different and that’s okay. We expect and honor that and will help you reach your individual goals. Contact us today to get started!


Durango Food Drive

We wanted to do this food drive to give back to our community and to also bring awareness to the Durango Food Bank. This organization is lacking resources so we wanted to create a video and show how much they are in need of not only food, but volunteers as well. We were fortunate enough to collect 1400+ meals for families in need in the Durango, Colorado area.

We will continue to support the Durango Food Bank and this community in hopes that others will take the initiative and do the same.